Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament

In his splendid uniform of red and gold and our handmade Bandsman with French Horn ornament is inspi..

£64.95 £17.04

Cats most definitely suit tutus! Ours certainly does! If you like ballet or if you like cats and ide..

£40.84 £19.23

Cats were considered sacred in Ancient Egyptian society. Give this elegant, handmade black cat pride..

£62.81 £15.04

This handmade Heraldic Shield is a compelling symbol of allegiance. Heraldic embroidery has used met..

£45.83 £17.78

The brass instrument is shown here with gold tissue and sparkly embroidery.French Horn Christmas Tre..

£59.00 £18.19

Encrusted with pearls and gold metal threads this Fleur de Lis is a potent symbol. Heraldic embroid..

£50.96 £19.03

Complete your collection of historical decorations with Harold II, who was defeated at the battle of..

£39.86 £19.81

Who doesn't love a lobster? Not you? You're crazy! If you do love a lobster then this one is a fun a..

£56.85 £15.11

Used in every Lord Mayor's Show for the last 250 years this splendid red and gold coach lives in the..

£39.80 £13.25

In his doublet of purple and gold and cape complete with red stripes, Twelfth Night's Malvolio is fo..

£47.96 £16.38

In luxurious burgundy velvet and complete with golden sparkle, our unique hand-embroidered Christmas..

£40.93 £16.85

Add a touch of Scottish sparkle to your tree with these mini embroidered ornaments complete with a r..

£40.95 £13.56

Inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry depicting the Norman conquest of England, our Norman Horse decoratio..

£54.84 £18.01

Fashion, fashion, fashion! This delicately embroidered Shoe decoration will appeal to fashion and hi..

£47.80 £13.50

Complete your ornament collection of American Presidents with Ronald Reagan! (1911-2004)President Ro..

£60.95 £18.87

These embellished Crown Christmas decorations are based on St. Edward's Crown, a golden headpiece ma..

£62.85 £13.92

Complete your Scottish collection of ornaments with Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, who led his cou..

£52.86 £12.42

Sheep are a common sight in Scotland and this sheep is as proud as punch to be Scottish!Scottish She..

£41.93 £18.81

These unique wooden Beefeater Stacking Dolls merge a traditionally Russian craft with English histor..

£48.82 £12.74

These wooden British Bobby Stacking Dolls is hand painted with a wishful nostalgia.Set of Policeman ..

£52.96 £18.64
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