Porthcwm is a holiday destination in West Wales, a quiet little coastal town that will get into your soul and draw you back time and again. Despite its size and being at the end of the tracks, tourists love it. You may have already stayed there with your parents when you were little, then avoided it for a few years because holidaying with your parents in a sleepy Welsh resort was considered uncool as a teenager. When you have children of your own you suddenly yearn to go back and the whole cycle starts again.

Porthcwm Croeso sign

The town is surrounded by stunning, spiritual scenery – spectacular beaches and magnificent views, the famous coastal path just down the road and the mini-mountains and wild landscape a few miles up the road. Really, it does have everything – well almost….

You can look for Porthcwm on the ordnance survey map No OL35. It is there as a small dot in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, between St Davids and Fishguard. You’ll have to look quite carefully, but you will eventually find it. It’s worth it if you want to visit and discover the town for yourself. If you would rather stay at home and dream about visiting from the comfort of your own armchair you can find out about what goes on in this not-so-sleepy-all-the-time town with its peculiar residents and bizarre happenings by reading Single or Double? Then perhaps you will decide to come and visit and fall in love with Porthcwm like so many before you.

In the ‘season’ Porthcwm buzzes with holiday-makers. There are campsites and caravan parks on magnificent cliff-top locations, three pubs, four restaurants, eleven B & B’s and an overload of cafes. Porthcwm has a bus service but no train service and it is adored by walkers and cyclists alike. There is a reasonable car park with some of the best public conveniences in the National Park. (Someone – but no one admits to knowing who – puts little jam-jars of fresh wild flowers next to the basins there every day). It is at the end of the tracks, the very last town before the Irish Sea, but you’ll find that a great deal goes on here for holidaymakers…You can discover some of the activities and things to do around Porthcwm HERE. … It’s a pretty normal tourist destination.

In the off-season months when the town empties again after the summer Porthcwm residents make their own fun and entertainment. There is a WI (erring on the more mature side), a Young Farmers group (also erring on the mature side), courses of all kinds, painting, felting, pottery, needlework, glass-making. There are coffee mornings, church groups, the rugby club, and Yoga and Pilates classes. There are Welsh-speaking playgroups and English-speaking playgroups and bi-lingual playgroups. There are dozens of choirs… everyone in Wales is in a choir. There is also alot of shameless gossip and brazen nosiness, Porthcwm is full of furtive affairs and plenty of sex (usually with someone else’s partner), but most of all, absolutely most of all, it is full of secrets. Everyone in Porthcwm seems to have a secret… …It’s a pretty normal small town.

St Davids